Hello my name is XOOPA

Hello Everyone, My name is XOOPA. I work for a new an exciting company here in Antigua called XOOP Online. I just started working there and I am having lots of fun. I can’t wait to tell you about my job! I could do this for free! OH well not really JUST KIDDING BOSS!!!!!

We are an online store owned and operated solely by Antiguans. Our website was designed by an Antiguan and our stock is on site. This means that we keep our promise when we say that we deliver and we deliver on time.

Although we are small and new we are creating quite a buzz. We offer some really cool products like the Aveeno lotions, Crest and Listerine mouth washes, DOVE and Degree deodorants and much more. We deliver to you the very next day from Monday to Fridays. YES!!! Next day. Visit our website at www.xooponline.com. You would be amazed at the great values, savings, and superb customer service.

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Hello There! We at XOOP Online realize that these are difficult times. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we take your safety and our service to you very seriously. Feel free to ask us of the measures we have implemented to protect both you the customer and our team members. Please keep safe and thanks for visiting.