Hello¬†friends! This week as been a whirlwind for us at XOOP Online. We met new customers who were so thrilled to enjoy the convenience of having their orders delivered directly to them in just one day. They are just as excited as we are about online shopping in Antigua. It’s fast, economical and convenient.
For those of you still wondering how XOOP Online works. It is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Go to our secure site
2. Browse our store and decide on what you wish to buy.
3. ADD TO CART, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and we deliver in ONE DAY! NO fuss, NO hassle. We even take cash on delivery.
XOOP is also happy to announce our loyalty program. Sign up, make purchases, leave a review, have a birthday and you earn points. These points can go towards a future purchase so save up those points. They will come in handy one day.
Now I know you have all been waiting to meet XOOPITA my new friend. She’s stylish, smart, pretty and – get this – bilingual! You can just tell that she has a lot of spunk by simply looking at her. I know as you get to know her that you’ll love her.
Stay tuned and visit our site, follow us on Twitter and Instagram since we will be choosing a random fan for a special surprise next week. You must register on our site to qualify. See you soon from XOOP Online. Always the right choice.

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Hello There! We at XOOP Online realize that these are difficult times. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we take your safety and our service to you very seriously. Feel free to ask us of the measures we have implemented to protect both you the customer and our team members. Please keep safe and thanks for visiting.