Motion & Presence Detectors

Akhimo Group

Akhimo group of Companies also associated with  NobRac – All Things Energy, NobRac opened its retail and distribution center on the outskirts of St. John’s in the Quality Muffler Building Services building on Old Parham Road the end of September 2015. The company markets, retails and distributes energy conservation and renewable energy generation solutions, with LED lighting solutions being its flagship product.  Akhimo also carries Detergents, Diapers and snacks on XOOP Online.

Motion & Presence Detectors

XCD $59.50


Using Passive Infrared (PIR) sensing technology, this ceiling mount unit turns lights ON and OFF when presence is detected in a room without partitions or obstructions.


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  • PIR technology sensing for presence detection
  • Coverage: 1200 ft2 when mounted on 8 to 11 ft ceiling
  • Zero-crossing technology for long life and performance
  • Adjustable ambient light sensor override
  • Requires neutral connection