Solving a Problem – Outside the BOX!

XOOP Online ( started as a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces were just piled in a box. It looked like an insurmountable task to put the pieces together or even solve the problem of getting this business up and running. We were told that Antiguans would not take to the idea of shopping online from local businesses. We were told that shoppers loved to travel to town to feel and to smell the rawness of the city. It just would not work! We were told numerous things that should have discouraged us but we took a long and hard look at the pile of puzzle pieces in that box. It reminded of a story about a small boy had been waiting for the whole day for his father to come home.

His mother was too busy to play. How boring it must be to cook and clean and pay bills, the little boy thought. No time to play? So he sat by the window, waiting for his dad to come and play with him.When his father finally opened the door the boy ran to meet him. – Daddy! You´re home! Now we can play!

Father was tired and sighed. – Daddy! Come and play! The boy grabbed his arm and pulled.- Daddy is tired, the father said, – Too tired to play.

The father felt a sting in his heart but was too tired to get up. He reached his arm and took a magazine from the table.

But the little boy would not give in. He stood there, asking his father to play with him, while he tried to read the magazine. To make the boy stop his pleading the father tore a page from the magazine. There was a map of a country on that page. He then took the page and tore it into small bits and gave those to his son.

– Here, put this puzzle back together. I´ll play with you after you´ve finished.
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The map was so big and detailed it would take hours for a little boy to get it back together again. The boy took the pieces eagerly and ran off. After what seemed like a minute the father felt the familiar tugging in his arm.- Daddy! I put the puzzle pieces together! Now come and play! Father opened his eyes. The little boy was holding the page, the pieces carefully taped together.

– How on earth did you manage to do that so fast? he asked and got up.

He looked at the map. It was perfect, no mistakes.

– There was a picture of a heart on the other side, the boy pointed.

The father turned the page. True enough – a big red heart was on the other side.

– I turned the puzzle pieces around. I did the heart puzzle instead and when I turned the page, the map was there too!

Father looked at his son who stood there beaming at the accomplishment. He couldn´t help but smile and got up. – Ok. What do you want to play?

The little boy sure was thinking out of the box with the puzzle pieces! All he did was to take the problem, look at it from another angle, and he suceeded.

We are often stuck in our traditional ways of thinking when we could really use some 6-year-old thinking. We have decided to do same at XOOP Online. There are days when we are faced with big challenges here in our growing company but we flipped the problem around and we are looking at the heart- OUR HEART. We really love what we do and that makes it easy for us. Help us on our journey at XOOP Online to make this work – to put the pieces together -solving the problem outside of the box. We really cannot wait to see you soon.

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