XOOPA is goes to the beach

Last week our mascot XOOPA decided that he would go to the beach.  Now it is unusual for a frog to want to do such a crazy thing. It’s his way of saying HELLOOOO March! The weather is getting warm and the children are soon out on Easter break. Before long we will all be going to the beach. Don’t be alarmed if you see him around. Don’t be afraid to go up to him and say Hi or ask him a question on Facebook.  He is getting very comfortable on these relaxing days although technically most frogs don’t like salt water he is one a kind.  He is exploring Antigua and who knows where he will show up next.  We had two lucky people who guessed where he was for our last contest.  They are Leslie Roberts and Denley Millett. They have received their prizes and I am sure that they will be back again.  Look out for more exciting things happening at www.xooponline.com.

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