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Our secure payments system accepts Visa or MasterCards from anywhere in the world. We also accept Cash on Delivery for our trusted customers.  For those living aboard, feel free to visit our site to purchase gifts for loved ones in Antigua. For those living here, browse our stores for great offers.

About XOOP Online
  • We are an 100% Antiguan Company
  • We deliver next/same day or same day curb side or in store
  • The complete look and feel of an online store
  • Many items;many vendors;one shopping cart
Open chat
Hello There! We at XOOP Online realize that these are difficult times. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we take your safety and our service to you very seriously. Feel free to ask us of the measures we have implemented to protect both you the customer and our team members. If there is something you would like us to add drop us a line.