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10 gadgets you MUST have to help your children with homework


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Helping your child with homework can be made more efficient and enjoyable with the right gadgets. Here are 10 must-have gadgets for this purpose:
  1. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: If your child prefers working on a tablet or a computer with a keyboard and mouse, invest in a wireless set for comfort and convenience.
  2. Smartpen:  My son dos not write- period! It is so difficult then for me to figure out what was said in class and notes given. A smartpen allows your child to take notes by hand while simultaneously digitizing them. This model even record audios, making it easier to review lessons later. It  allows you to transcribe text from books and screens in clear and crisp audio so you can extract text from both paper and digital screens in real time making it perfect for studying or as an assistive tool. PERFECT TOOL!
  3. Headphones: A high-quality headphones can help your child focus by blocking out distractions and providing clear audio for educational videos or online lectures while you are busy with others chores in the house.
  4. Document Scanner: A portable document scanner enables your child to easily digitize handwritten notes, worksheets, and other materials for organization and sharing with teachers. This is especially useful for my son who does not write quickly enough to capture all notes given in class. This method allows the teacher (and the parent) to understand his handwriting.  I have also found the portable printer a very useful tool if your child need to be printing work on the go.
  5. Graphing Calculator: For older students, a graphing calculator is indispensable for solving complex math problems and visualizing functions.
  6. E-reader: An e-reader provides access to a vast library of digital books and can help your child develop a love for reading while minimizing clutter in the home.
  7. Desk Lamp: A desk lamp with adjustable brightness levels helps create a conducive study environment, especially during late-night study sessions.
  8. Timer or Pomodoro App: Using a timer or a Pomodoro app can help your child manage their time effectively by breaking study sessions into focused intervals with short breaks in between. I really like this one especially for the younger crowd. It visually gives them the concept of how time works.
  9. Whiteboard or Smart Board: A whiteboard or smart board allows your child to brainstorm ideas, solve problems visually, and practice writing without wasting paper. I have actually placed one in my children’s rooms for keeping track of their time tabletables, assignments and chores.

These gadgets can enhance your child’s learning experience and make homework sessions more productive and engaging. However, it’s essential to balance screen time with other activities and encourage hands-on learning whenever possible.

Laptop or Tablet: A laptop or tablet is essential for accessing online resources, educational apps, and typing assignments. Choose a device with a suitable screen size and durability for your child’s needs.

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